Fiction: All We Need Is Matching Overalls by Michael Edwards

By Michael Edwards All We Need Is Matching Overalls Yeah, wartime prisons, they ain’t gunna shoot you a smile, they ain’t gunna give you a banana sandwich. They aint got niceties. But you can’t deny wartime prisons for their unwavering support for the fundamentals of manual labour. And as a child who was born in... Continue Reading →

Poetry: The Siren Temptation by Andrew Clunn

Andrew Clunn: The Siren Temptation Fools told you to seek contentment, and to cast me away. They claimed I bring pain and disappointment. That I promise then betray. Look into their aging eyes. Is there any pleasure there? Why should their inner peace need validation? Why would the enlightened care? Starving men are indeed content... Continue Reading →

God Bless the Universe

God Bless the Universe by Dominique Galiano Blessings are needed everywhere during these turbulent times on Earth, world leaders on the edge of madness, guns on coat racks, glacial meltdowns, deforestation, racial violence, humanity losing its humanity. Turn to God, face inward, actualize peace and goodwill in the universe, manifest tolerance, inner truth guided toward... Continue Reading →

The End of Forever is Tomorrow (a Sestina)

Bob Callaci: The songs of creation shall be sung, not spoken, and will last forever and Eternity- It arises from the nothingness that the wisest of the wise have called Nirvana- But those of the ‘Mark’ grown fat from ecclesiastical lies--- seek heaven through Rapture, only to find out that which patiently awaits them--- is... Continue Reading →

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