Fiction: All We Need Is Matching Overalls by Michael Edwards

By Michael Edwards All We Need Is Matching Overalls Yeah, wartime prisons, they ain’t gunna shoot you a smile, they ain’t gunna give you a banana sandwich. They aint got niceties. But you can’t deny wartime prisons for their unwavering support for the fundamentals of manual labour. And as a child who was born in... Continue Reading →

Poetry: The Siren Temptation by Andrew Clunn

Andrew Clunn: The Siren Temptation Fools told you to seek contentment, and to cast me away. They claimed I bring pain and disappointment. That I promise then betray. Look into their aging eyes. Is there any pleasure there? Why should their inner peace need validation? Why would the enlightened care? Starving men are indeed content... Continue Reading →

Interview with Poet, Neetu Malik

This time around, we are pleased to welcome multi-published and award-winning writer of poetry and short stories, Neetu Malik to our published member interview. Neetu was raised in India and began travelling the world in her early twenties, living in three continents before settling in the USA. As Neetu says: "Putting life into words is... Continue Reading →

Give Me This Wish, I Wish Tonight by Julia

Give Me This Wish, I Wish Tonight Cheap cardboard angel blind eyes and dirty wings impaled on top of the Christmas tree oblivious to ravished wrapping paper spangled bows and ribbons crushed boxes and cheap toys Under my red blanket I am invisible hidden from lascivious eyes protected from predatory stares that stab me in... Continue Reading →

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