Interview With Flash Fiction Enthusiast, Pamelyn Casto

Our featured interview for February is with Pamelyn Casto. She is twice a Pushcart Prize nominee, has published feature-length articles on flash fiction in Writer's Digest (and in their other publications), Fiction Southeast, Abstract Magazine, and OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters. Her essay on flash fiction and myth appears in Field Guide to Writing... Continue Reading →

Interview with Poet, Neetu Malik

This time around, we are pleased to welcome multi-published and award-winning writer of poetry and short stories, Neetu Malik to our published member interview. Neetu was raised in India and began travelling the world in her early twenties, living in three continents before settling in the USA. As Neetu says: "Putting life into words is... Continue Reading →

Author interview – G.D. Penman

Author Interview with G.D. Penman G.D. Penman writes about queer monsters for a living. He is the author of The Year of the Knife (Meerkat Press), Heart of Winter (forthcoming from Meerkat Press), Call Your Steel (Azure Spider Publications), Apocrypha, and others. He is also a full-time freelance writer and has ghost-written more than 50 books on a wide variety of subjects, although of... Continue Reading →

Interview with Dede Cummings – Founder of Green Writers Press

For our next interview we are pleased to welcome Dede Cummings, founder of Green Writers Press. Dede Cummings is an award-winning poet, literary agent, and book packager, who founded Green Writers Press in Brattleboro, VT, now in its third year, boasting over 45 titles and nearly as many authors. Dede began her career working in... Continue Reading →

Interview with horticulturalist and nature writer, Donna Mulvenna

Our next author interview is with Donna Mulvenna a horticulturalist and nature writer living in the Amazon rain forest in French Guiana. Her writing offers a close-up glimpse into the fascinating world within the rainforest, reveals the profound effect it has on each of us, and encourages people to form a personal connection with the... Continue Reading →

Interview with author and artist, Keith Rosson

Hello WF! It's time of month again for our Featured Guest Interview! To our own delight, we had the opportunity to interview author and artist Keith Rosson. Rosson’s fiction has appeared in Redivider, Cream City Review, PANK, The Nervous Breakdown, and more. He is the author ofThe Best of Intentions: The Avow Anthology, an omnibus... Continue Reading →

Interview with New York Times best-selling author, Brandon Sanderson

It has been a great privilege for the Media Team to interview #1 New York Times best selling author Brandon Sanderson. His writing has earned him numerous awards. He won the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Best Book and the Best Epic Fantasy Novel awards for his book Elantris. He won the UPC Science fiction award... Continue Reading →

Interview with author and publisher, Mary Woodbury

This month we had the pleasure of interviewing Mary Woodbury, the founder of Moon Willow Press in Coquitlam, British Columbia. The main focus of Moon Willow is to publish books incorporating environmental themes, and since 2013 has expanded into different genres to share the stories and wisdom of many new authors. Moon Willow believes in... Continue Reading →

Interview with International best-selling speculative fiction author, Karen Miller

This month we had the pleasure of interviewing Karen Miller for our Feature Guest Interview. Karen is an International best-selling Speculative Fiction author. She has written several series of books and the Rogue Agent series under her pen name K.E. Mills, as well as Star Wars and Stargate books. Please join me in discovering a... Continue Reading →

Interview with epic fantasy author, Brian McClellan

For September's Featured Guest Interview, we had the opportunity to interview epic fantasy writer Brian McClellan. McClellan's Powder Mage trilogy put him on the map, with his first novel Promise of Blood winning the Morningstar Award for Best Fantasy Newcomer. Within the Powder Mage world, he has also written eight short stories and novellas over... Continue Reading →

Interview with publisher and editor, Ann VanderMeer

It has been a lucky draw this time around for May's guest interview with Ann VanderMeer. She is the founder of her publishing company Buzzcity Press and The Silver Web, a *printed magazine. She and her husband manage, an online hub for the weird and also spends her time sifting through original fiction for... Continue Reading →

Interview with freelance journalist, Gina Piccalo

We recently sat down with freelance journalist, Gina Piccalo (although it was in different rooms 3000 miles apart over Skype) for WF's first Podcast interview. So you can listen to the Podcast interview and/or read the text version (with bonus content) below. We hope you enjoy! Listen to Podcast: "Interview - Gina Piccalo - Journalist"... Continue Reading →

Interview with Poet Laureate of West Caldwell (New Jersey), Diane Lockward

In honor of National Poetry month, we had the privilege of interviewing Diane Lockward. Diane is the Poet Laureate of West Caldwell, New Jersey. She's headed several poetry festivals over the years and is the author of several collections of her poetry. She has also authored a poetry workshop book on the craft. With years... Continue Reading →

Interview with science fiction author, A.G. Riddle

For our Featured Guest Interview this month, we had the exciting opportunity to talk with science fiction writer A.G. Riddle, author of Departure. Starting his writing career later in life, Riddle has written several novels including the Atlantis Gene that has been picked up by CBS Films and is in the works of becoming a major... Continue Reading →

Interview with award winning author, Samit Basu

It has been an honor getting the chance to interview Samit Basu for this Featured Guest Interview. Samit writes books, comics, and films. He's written several books, including the Gameworld Trilogy, and The Adventures of Stoob: Testing times. His novel Turbulence won Wired's Goldenbot Award in 2013 and Book of the Yearin 2013. Samit... Continue Reading →

Interview with fantasy author, Kristen Britain

Kristen Britain, author of the Green Rider series, is our first featured guest of 2016! From her career in the National Park Service to her lifelong passion for writing, her interview has a little something for everyone! Check it out below! Hi Kristen, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about... Continue Reading →

Interview with fantasy and crime fiction author, Graham Edwards

For December's featured guest interview, the Media Team had the opportunity to chat with graphic designer, animator, and writer Graham Edwards. Along with writing fantasy and crime fiction, he is also a senior staff writer for Cinefex, the magazine dedicated to visual effects in film. Intrigued yet? Take a look at our awesome interview with Graham... Continue Reading →

Interview with adult urban fantasy author, Benedict Jacka

British author, Benedict Jacka, wrote his first full-length work when he was only eighteen. Although it was never published, he kept on writing, and his Ninja series was released seven years later. These days, Benedict stays busy writing his Alex Verus series, a popular adult urban fantasy centered around the proprietor of a London magic... Continue Reading →

Interview with IPPY and NIEA Award winning author, K.M. Weiland

Welcome back to another Feature Guest Interview. This time we had the pleasure of having a more intimate conversation with K.M. Weiland. She has won the IPPY and NIEA Awards for her international Amazon best-sellers Outlining Your Novel, Structuring Your Novel, and Jane Eyre: The Writer's Digest Annotated Classic. Weiland writes historical and speculative fiction, as... Continue Reading →

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