Poetry: “White Hot” by Carole Hill

White Hot

by Carole Hill

Breath frozen
bloated mind
seeking peace
through icebergs of pain

your smile numb in response
forced to bridge frozen wastelands
where laughter once played
and humour skied in your eyes
warms their polite concern

white-hot iron leaves its mark

About the author:

Carole Hill paints with words. Her artist’s palette coloured by the simple beauty of nature, environmental challenges and observations of her fellow man. When Carole is not writing, gardening or painting she can be found daydreaming on the beach as her thoughts are lost in the ocean waves, the distant horizon and beyond.

Carole’s poetry has been published in the Algarve’s travel magazine and Passages anthology.

Carole’s Blog:



7 thoughts on “Poetry: “White Hot” by Carole Hill

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  1. Carole

    “through icebergs of pain.” reminds me of a brain freeze behind the eyes when drinking something super cold. It can be extremely painful.
    and “skied in your eye” gives me poem envy. What a line that is. What drawer did you pull this poem out of to show the world the real poet Carole. This poem dances with a fever, I might pass out.

    a poet friend
    RH Peat

    Liked by 1 person

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