Poetry: The Siren Temptation by Andrew Clunn

Andrew Clunn:

The Siren Temptation

Fools told you to seek contentment,
and to cast me away.
They claimed I bring pain
and disappointment.
That I promise then betray.

Look into their aging eyes.
Is there any pleasure there?
Why should their inner peace
need validation?
Why would the enlightened care?

Starving men are indeed content
with water and some bread.
Their path is fear of suffering.
While mine seeks bliss
and love of joy instead.

A race has but one champion,
yet many enter. Why?
Loss gives victory it’s meaning.
As triumph is
what gives purpose to life.

Those who never taste the fruit
know not the pleasure rebellion gives.
I reward the worthy,
while many fail,
but to know me is to live!

I’m both the prize you know you crave
and the anglerfish’s lure.
I bring discontent
and satisfaction.
My promise is the chance for more.

True, those who don’t attempt the climb
will never face the fall,
but you are no coward.
Listen… my voice beckons.
You can have it all.


About the author:

Andrew Clunn enjoys writing sardonic children’s rhymes, which he occasionally passes off as poetry. His day job is writing software, and his evening jobs are changing diapers and playing hide and seek with his daughter. His hobbies include sleeping, which (like most newer parents) he hopes to have time for some day.

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