Dad’s Widow

Dad’s Widow

By Cindy Adame

She wears an old, comfortable robe
belted tightly about her,
lest a peek-a-boo of joy slips through,
titillates an unwelcome smile
and for just one moment, we forget
she’s the grieving widow


About the author:

Cindy Adame was born in Phoenix Arizona, but has spent most of her adult life in Bakersfield California. Recently retired, she has decided to pursue a lifelong passion to write. Being both a mother and grandmother, she has a rich source for her poetry and children’s books. 

4 thoughts on “Dad’s Widow

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  1. Thank you, Lindy. Seems like I write a lot about my mother, these days. She has just really come unraveled since Dad passed. Sad, really.


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