Buddy Bear

by L. G. Cullens

With every awakening come nigh on first light,
I sense the breath of a canine presence quite near.
An intent wolflike creature, eagerness bound tight,
quietly willing sleepy eyes to render clear.
One eye opens and he begins a faint quiver.
The other eye and his forepaws hammer the bed.
A reckoning force seven hands at the shoulder,
almost nine stone of lean muscle and bone well spread.
No luxury family dog rearing had he,
from kennel stock a working dog bred-in-the-bone.
Enlivened now in a more natural world free,
appreciation patent in loyalty shown.
So full of life, barely contained in the creature,
strong as a lion, having a heart of pure gold.
Fervent in each new day’s unfolding adventure,
how much we’d benefit if we’d truly behold.
Seeing nature’s magic reflecting in his eyes,
my rapture and angst in our transient existence
gives me determination each day to arise.
An awesome life force grounding me in life’s essence.
He and I explore life’s paths, each day beckoning
with shared wonder in Mother Nature’s symphony.
Each step treasured in experiencing being,
only time will tell how long we share this journey.


L. G. Cullens was born and raised in 1940’s Wyoming with Shoshone friends, served in military, and had careers in civil engineering, computer sciences, and arts. Since, he’s turned to writing. A natural sciences passion throughout his lifetime is evinced in his art and writing.

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