A Darkening Night

by Gerald Dunnett

The sky turns grey as a tombstone
And the land darkens into dusk
As the sun lurks, towards the night

As bushy tailed squirrels scurry
Towards the soft burbling croaks
Of a liquorice raven’s lament

The smell of dead peppery leaves
Lingers on wheezing frosty air
Where rotting bones settle, ungrieved

The bare and grainy porch boards play
A dry, creaking, old dirge of death
Rejoicing the last breath of day

A wet swoosh of wind rises loud
In the rustling, crackling branches
Where startled eyes timidly stare

I swirl my final dregs of beer
And think I taste the warm laughter
Of old friends. And stifle a tear.

Gerald’s poem is a tribute to his father, Thomas, who passed away on the 16th August 2017.

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